Save The MDC Trails

A group of like minded citizens with the mission to keep the MDC properties open to the public


Tens of thousands of visitors each year enjoy the beauty of the Reservoir. Miles of trails, fire roads, and blacktop. Many have been coming to the Res for years and years. When our kids were little, we spent hours and hours .. walking, running, picnics. That was back in the days when cars were allowed on the Red Road ( remember back that far?).

The Res is part of our community and part of our daily lives. And we are not alone in our attachment to the Reservoir.

After the dust settled from the initial shock of the news about the lawsuit, it became apparent that focusing on the lawsuit would not be a productive way to convince the MDC Board to keep the Reservoir open to the public.

Our motto is "Close the liability loop hole, not the MDC Trails". And this web site is our way to focus on how we, as individuals can best influence our legislators to make this happen.

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